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The research is clear. It is all about Managing the Human Side of Businesssm that makes the difference in organizational performance. Leaders engaging employees who engage customers; these are the drivers of success for the best organizations. Yet so few organizations achieve their best and many often struggle to just survive, with some not winning that struggle. These organizations place their management focus on the technical side of their business, ignoring the Human Side, placing little or no emphasis on the elements that drive high-performance.


Average.  Ordinary or of Moderate Quality. Just Good Enough to Get By.


By definition, this is most organizations.  Because of this mediocrity, our research reveals that most organizations are throwing away about 37% of their payroll.  This Cost of Lost Engagement is almost $23,000 for every employee in the organization and is like having one-third of your organization not show up for work!  This can have an even bigger impact on the organization's performance - and its bottom-line.



The Best Organizations Don't Just Do Things Differently;

They Do Different Things!


ExecutiveThrough practices that engage and focus employees on the things that matter, the best organizations are able to recover 24% or more of their payroll, and recover $9500 or more per employee of their Cost of Lost Engagement.  This can have an even bigger impact on its bottom-line performance.  These organizations have higher levels of productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.  In some cases, 7, 10, and even 15 times more than their nearest competitors!

But they don't just do what everyone else is doing, as they realize that these practices often hold them back from being the best.  Many of the things they do are simple, but it takes discipline to do these different things.


RDS Can Help You Rise Above!


No matter where you are now, we have the research, knowledge, and expertise to help your organization move beyond mediocrity, beyond being good, and help you reach a level where your organization is the best.  Whether you simply need our advice, or you would like us to implement our research based training program, we can help you achieve your goals..

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Our Books

Leadership Lessons from the Medicine Wheel: The Seven Elements of High Performance

Based on an initial 3 year study of what drives performance in organizations, this book shares the foundational model that will get you performance results.

Rising Above Mediocrity: The Path to Performance

After 10 years of ongoing research, we have learned the dynamics of how the individual elements of the Seven Elements of High Performance™ work together to engage and focus employees so that they can deliver exceptional levels of organizational performance.  


The Center for Performance Dynamics

A New Approach to Executive and Entrepreneurial  Leadership Development.

It takes exceptional executive leadership to create expectional organizations.

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